Topical Fish Birthday Cake

Sweet Tropical Fish Birthday Cake

Straight from the big blue ocean, this sweet and colorful fish goes swimmingly with any birthday celebration.

Ingredients for Tropical Fish Birthday Cake

Sponge cake
Different color frostings (yellow, blue)
Pastry bags
Nozzles for orange


Place the baked sponge (13X9) onto a flat tray and cut off the corners to make the oval shape. Using the cuttings make two fins and a tail as per the desired size and shape.
Fill a clean and dry pastry bag with orange decorating frosting, you can pick a color of your choice and can even layer different colors as stripes. Use the star shaped nozzle pipe to add frosting to the sponge, while leaving some space for the fins in the center.
Next, place some yellow frosting in a clean piping bag and attach a round nozzle to it. Pipe onto the fins and tail in a zigzag manner and make lips out of the same nozzle.
For the eyes, place a small piece of circular chocolate or a chocolate button and place where the eye should be. Line the fins and tail with some untainted frosting afterwards.
For water bubbles, take three cupcakes of similar or ascending size and use light blue frosting for decoration.