Kids Gift Cake

Adorable Kids Gift Cake

This adorable gift cake is a great way to surprise your child on his/her birthday

Ingredients for Kids Gift Cake

Cake mix (check directions for ingredients needed)
Vanilla frosting
Fruit rolls (e.g. Fruit Roll-Ups) or fruit leather
Fruit snacks shaped as circles
Kitchen scissors


Follow the directions on the cake mix box to create a layer cake.
Note: If you wish, bake in 9×13-inch pan and cut to make a layer cake.
Let the cake cool completely.
Frost the cake, be sure to put a layer of frosting between the layers.
Use the fruit rolls to make ribbons on the cake.
On the tails of the ribbons, make a V cut on each (see photo).
To make the bow, simply cut the fruit rolls into a strip and curl to make a circle. Make 2 small circles, 1 large circle, and 2 circles slightly smaller than the large circle.
Cut a piece of the fruit rolls to use as the ribbon to hold the circles all together.
Pinch the 3 largest circles together in the middle (see photo).
Place one smaller circle on either side of the pinched circles. Hold on to only the inside closest to the other circles, but don’t pinch in both side (see photo).
Run the ribbon though the circles to hold together. Pinch to adhere.
Lay the bow on top of the cake in the middle.
Use the fruit snacks on the open area of the cake for decoration.
Place birthday candles inside the fruit snacks.

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