Jelly Bean Flowers

Beautiful, Easy Jelly Bean Flowers

Jelly Bean Flowers are sure to brighten any cake no matter the celebration! Great for large cakes or cupcakes, choose these sweet little candy’s, available in a range of fun colours, to add beauty to your next creation. This is a good decorating idea that can be shared with children who will use their imagination to come up with other colours and designs.

Ingredients For Jelly Bean Flowers

Cake or cupcakes iced
Royal Icing
Bag of Assorted Jelly Beans
Coloured Sugar Dust


Flower 1  is made by cutting jelly beans candy’s in half, across the shorter part of the bean.

Flower 2 is made by cutting the jelly beans in half lengthwise.  The flower center for this shape is the same as the center (and petals) for Flower 1.

Once the pieces are cut lay out the flowers as you would like, onto a piece of waxed paper. Mix and match colours as desired.

Next, on a separate piece of wax paper, pipe blobs of royal icing about 1cm round for each flower. Attach the flower parts together, starting with the center of your flower. Add petals making sure each piece touches the royal icing. Finish by sprinkling on some Coloured Sugar Dust to cover up the royal icing.

Allow to set over the next 4 hours, carefully peel off the wax paper and have fun decorating your cake!


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