Ipod Cake Topper

Simple iPod cake topper

Create a simple iPod cake topper ideal for teenagers birthday cakes. Creating this design is very simple yet looks great to help celebrate that special occasion. You can even add a edible cake topper design to your iPods screen to add to a more realistic effect!

Ingredients for iPod cake topper

Black gum paste
White gum paste
Edible glue

Equipment Required

Rolling pin
iPod stencils on wax paper
Small round cutter (or clean round marker cap)


Stencil your iPod onto wax paper, you will need the outside rectangle shape of the iPod, the rectangle screen and the circular control dial.
Roll out black gum paste, keep it about 2-3cm thick.
Cut out your stencilled wax paper iPod and place it on top of your gum paste, use a sharp knife to carefully cut around it. Keep a real iPod nearby, for quick reference.
Roll out white gum paste, use your paper cutouts for the screen and round control dial. Place over the white gum paste and cut out these pieces.
Brush some edible glue onto the pieces and stick them onto your black gum paste iPod cake topper.
Align it properly with the help of a ruler and your real iPod.
Gently press a very small circle cutter in the center of the big circle, don’t remove this piece, you just need the circular design there. I have found a marker cap or small drink bottle lid to be a good size as an alternative if you do not have a small enough cutter to leave the impression.
Use an edible marker to draw in the circle details on the white circular piece. You can roll out a very thin strip of black gum paste for the circle if you need to.
Use the black gum paste to cut out 5 small triangle shapes, and 6 even, small lines – this will form the control buttons for your control dial.
Use very small amounts of the edible glue to attach these pieces carefully into place.
Roll some black gum paste to form the iPod power cord if required for your final design.


edible ipod cake topper

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