Heart Cupcake Toppers

Glittered Heart Cupcake Toppers

Who says using fondant has to be difficult? It’s definitely easy to make these glittered heart cupcake toppers using this tutorial. Follow these simple steps for making fondant glitter hearts, and create your own special addition to top off any cupcake for someone dear to you.

Ingredients for Heart Cupcake Toppers

Tub of red fondant
Edible glitter


Paint brush
Rolling pin
Mini heart cutter


Take a small portion of fondant from the tub and roll into a small ball.

Use rolling pin to flatten fondant.

Use mini heart cutter to cut shape from rolled fondant.

Dip paintbrush in water and paint onto heart.

Sprinkle edible glitter onto heart and shake off excess. Repeat if necessary.

Place your glittered fondant heart on top of your cupcake, and enjoy!

Heart Cupcake Toppers 2

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