Butterfly Shaped Cake

Beautiful Butterfly Shaped Cake

This beautiful butterfly shaped cake is so easy to make, anyone can do it. Great for tea parties, celebrate the birth of a new baby girl, or young girls birthday party. You can decorate this cake in any number of ways – the only limit is your imagination!

Ingredients for Butterfly Shaped Cake

Flat sponge cake
Buttercream icing (your choice of colour)
Various lollies, sprinkles, candy – decorate as desired



Step 1

Cut cake in half, cut halves into 1/3 (sections 2 & 4) and 2/3 (sections 1 & 3) pieces – use the angle shown in the above diagram.

Step 2

On a tray place the cut pieces together with the curved side facing inwards and the straight side outwards.

Step 3

Turn the pieces to form the wings of our butterfly.

Decorate your butterfly shaped cake as desired – it really is that easy!

Butterfly Shaped Cake

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