Balloon Cake

Adorable Balloon Cake

Give a cute surprise to your little one on his/her birthday with this adorable balloon cake.

Ingredients for Balloon Cake

Recipe Classic White Cake or 1 package 2-layer-size white cake mix
Recipe Creamy White Frosting or two 16-ounce cans vanilla frosting
Sky blue paste food coloring
Desired paste food colorings
Vanilla wafers
Red or black shoestring licorice
White nonpareils


Prepare, bake, and cool White Cake as directed for 8- or 9-inch round layers.

Transfer 1 cup of the Creamy White Frosting to a small bowl; set aside. Tint the remaining frosting a light sky blue. Place one cake layer, bottom side up, on a serving plate. Spread top with sky blue frosting. Top with second cake layer, bottom side down. Spread top and sides of cake with sky blue frosting.

Divide the remaining 1 cup white frosting among four or five small bowls or custard cups. Tint each bowl of frosting a different color using desired food colorings. Spread each color onto a few vanilla wafers. Arrange vanilla wafers on top of cake to form a cluster of balloons and/or individual balloons. Insert a piece of shoestring licorice underneath each cookie to resemble a balloon string; bunch strings in a cluster at base. If desired, tie a piece of licorice into a bow and place at base. Sprinkle top of cake with nonpareils to resemble clouds.

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